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2014 will see the first season of our Futsal 6s competition.  All games will be played out of our indoor centre north of Brisbane.

Futsal is a great way to keep your players fit and healthy as well as playing as a team during the off season.

Benefits of Playing Futsal

There are many benefits to futsal for youth development compared to traditional indoor and outdoor soccer. Here are just a few…..

  • With the small court and lack of walls, players are constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations, requiring quick thinking, good ball control, precise passing, and creative solutions.
  • Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden in Futsal, resulting in fewer injuries.
  • Smaller team sizes allow players to get more frequent touches on the ball and increased opportunities to score goals.
  • Players are not just a defender or an attacker but a complete player resulting in a much better all-round understanding of the game.
  • Futsal is a simple game and devoid of complex rules such as ‘off-side’
  • Futsal is fast and exciting, providing an action packed game that keeps players physically active while having fun.
  • Futsal is more than just being  active  and playing the game it is also about making friendships and building the community.