Why would I play Summer Super 6?

Different participants have different reasons for playing Summer Super 6s. We created the Summer Super 6s to aid in the ongoing growth and development of the game of football, and in particular, to aid in the natural development of player’s technical skills. You might just want to have fun. You might want to improve or enhance your fitness. All of these reasons are valid at Summer Super 6s.

I am trying to organise a team but don’t have enough players yet. What do I do?

Whether you’re a single player, or a small group trying to get your friends organised, you should register the players that you have ASAP. In order for us to be able to organise uniforms and prepare the fixtures, we need to have players registered. For example, if you have four players currently, get them all to register using the same team name. As you find more players, you can then get them to register using that same team name. And if you don’t find any more players, we’ll allocate some to you from the individual registrations that we receive. Easy!

When do registrations close?

Registrations are being accepted from 29th July 2014 and we expect that registrations will be closed around the End of September, as we have only limited fields and, based on the feedback from last season and the phenomenal growth we have experienced, we expect a lot of teams to register early! You should do the same so that you don’t miss out!

I want to be a referee for this competition, what do I need to do?

In the first instance you need to send an email to Jake at [email protected] and include the following details:

Name   Age   Refereeing Experience   We’ll get in touch with you about what’s involved.

Am I allowed to wear football boots or do I have to wear running shoes?

We have no restrictions on what footwear you play in, so long as you are wearing closed shoes of course. Football boots with moulded soles are fine (not screw in studs) as are running shoes if you prefer (but we don’t recommend them). You are required to wear shin guards.

When does the competition start & finish?

15th Oct – 10th Dec 2014 for our open mens and ladies competitions & 17th oct – 12 Dec 2014 for our kindy 6s and premier 6s.The first matches, for the youngest players, will commence from 4:45pm and the last matches will conclude at 9:30pm.

What time will the matches be played?

The fixtures cannot be created until we have closed registrations, however, we plan the draw such that the younger player’s competitions start from the earliest time-slots and the adult player’s competitions are in the later time-slots. Kick off time are from: 4:45pm and 9:00pm.

My question is not answered above !!!

Easy, send us an email with your question and we’ll get back to you asap. Alternatively, call Jake on 0409 449 468

Which day will the competition be run?

Competitions are planned for Wednesdays and Fridays at Spencer Park, Brisbane City FC Full details of which age groups will have competitions organised on which days is available on our website.

Which Club is Summer Super 6s associated with?

We are associated with Brisbane City Football Club and Football Queensland.

When do we receive the uniforms and when do they have to be returned?

The uniforms (if ordered through us) will be handed out prior to the season starts with each teams info pack at a coaches/mangers briefing.

How can I register?

Registration can be completed online from the Registration Info page from July 29th .

Can I register additional players in to my existing team?

Yes, you certainly can. Late registering players should use the individual registration application and, in the appropriate fields, enter your team name and your manager’s name. This will help us to match it all up during processing.

Will Summer Super 6s run a mixed-gender adult-age comp?

Sure, if there is sufficient demand we would be happy to run a mixed-gender competition. We would need to have a bit of a think about the rules to ensure that play was fair, but we’re certainly open to the idea.